Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Funny Story (Nothing to do with the Twins)

I know this blog is supposed to be for twin stories and stories about our pregnancy, but Allyson and I both agree this story was funny.

We were returning from Magic Kingdom on Sunday night, waiting in yet another line. Finally we got on the second bus that came, but the bus was full forcing us to stand. So it is late, we are tired and we are standing on a bus just to be able to go back to the hotel (Yes, we know this is the norm for Disney).

The bus driver comes over the speakers and apologized for the people standing, but that he would entertain us with some random facts about Disney World. So he started with the usual things like the size of Disney World, the fact that Disney Land would fit in the Magic Kingdom parking lot...and then he got to the amount of buses and drivers. This apparently was his transition into a rant about Disney. He started by saying that they will soon be going on strike, and had the right to, all because Disney thinks they can offer him a 4 cent per hour raise, and raise his health care by 25 dollars a week over the next three years, and that they were stupid for thinking that it would not cripple Walt Disney World. We all kind of chuckled at the rant and stared at each other in disbelief, but he just kept going. He proceeded to inform us that eventually Disney would give in, but being the kind of company Disney is they would not honor the eight months it took to negotiate the raise.

I think the entire bus was just shocked to the point of laughter, but there were some pretty angry people who would have just preferred ole Bill just to shut up; we are on vacation and could care less he was stupid enough to join a union and was unhappy with his job. Just drive us back to our hotel thank you very much! If anybody at Disney reads this, you might want to consider letting good ole Bill go since he is so unhappy with his job.

I am sure it does not seem that funny, but at 12:30 at night, stuck on a packed bus, I thought it was hilarious that in Disney World, where everyone must smile and wave, our bus driver took 30 minutes to dis Disney to everyone who had just had a great day at Magic Kingdom. Yay for free speech!