Monday, April 30, 2007

So we are having twins!

Let me repeat that Twins! All the cliché's, twice the fun, twice the work, double the money, etc, etc, etc, etc. This first post should be kinda long so we get kinda caught up, but the blog will be opened up to our family to post and maybe even a few of our friends who experience or help out in taking care of our two bundles of joy.

So where do we begin....

Allyson and I had been talking and praying for a little while about when to have kids, trying to answer all the we have enough money? do we want to sleep? have we done the things we want to do? have we built our marriage strong enough? Well reality set in that, like a large amount of the decisions we make in life it takes a little faith, a little family, a little friends, and taking each others hand and leaping.

Needless to say we got on the Internet and looked up all the dos and do nots. Allyson had even talked to her doctor. We bought into the fact that it could take some time to get pregnant, especially with some of the past issues she had gone through. Well forget six months, try 15 days and we were pregnant.

Finding Out
Unfortunately, when we started trying was a really, really busy time at my work. We were in the process of developing a high level Internet application with an unrealistic time line that forced me to work late hours almost every night. We had bought pregnancy tests for the month, but needless to say I did not expect to use them the first month nor did I expect my wife to try one 5 days before you are suppose to. Sometime after lunch I got a phone call, Allyson was crying and upset (at least that is what it sounded like), in a panic I wanted her to tell me what was up...well I made out only a few words..."I'ts pink, were pregnant!"

There are two lines!

First Doctors Appointment
The first doctors appointment, (Allyson was about 7 weeks pregnant)started pretty rough. Allyson was sick as a dog and running to the bathroom every five minutes while we sat in the waiting room. We were finally invited into the room, where Allyson had to change and wait for the doctor. Here is a side not for you guys: (it was a very weird experience waiting for another guy to come in and look at your wife with you sitting in the room.) The doctor came in, said a few things, asked how she was feeling and proceeded to start the sonogram. They start with the screen facing away so that they can check everything out before talking with you. The exact words we then heard were "Well I wanted some excitement before my trip." I thought little of the comment until I heard what he said next. "Do twins run in your family?" is so funny messing with us. I am sure a picture says a thousand words and the look on mine and Allyson's faces could have said a million. The best the nurses could do to soften the shock was to say "At least it isn't triplets!" Thanks, much better now! Needless to say it took some time for the shock of that news to subside.

TWINS! - Week 6

Telling the Parents
Well this was now a challenge, how do you do something like telling your parents you are having twins justice? After much debating, we came up with a couple ideas that we felt fit our parents best.

For her parents, her dads birthday was the next week, but he would be going to Florida, so we decided to do dinner for him. We asked if we could come early and do presents. Allyson and I had done a couple gifts. The first was a playschool golf set, we wrapped the card that said happy birthday grandpa inside so he could read it after opening. After the shock of being pregnant was semi calmed down, he opened gift number two which was a picture of the sonogram. After looking closer, and even a little closer it started to register that hey, there is not just one, there are two. Tears, hugs, shock and excitement followed.

For mine, luckily it was near my dads birthday as well, and Katy, my sister-in-law, was about to have her second child, so we played the card that we did not want dad to not have a birthday celebration in case Katy went into labor. Traditionally my dad will say the prayer before we eat, but today on his birthday I decided that I would take the lead. I asked for God to bless our meal, bless Katy and Eli and then I asked (and this is my prayer everyday) for God to protect Allyson and keep her healthy and to protect the two newest members of the McCay family. After a lot of confusion and rechecking what I just said, the same reaction of tears, hugs, shock and excitement followed.