Monday, October 27, 2008

Hannah is officially walking!

In the last few days Hannah has taken a lot of initiative towards improving her walking skills. She has been balancing much better and when she took a few steps and fell, she would get back up and take a few more steps.

Well today she figured the whole thing out and seems to like walking a little better than crawling! That may be due to our relentless cheering after she makes it from point A to point B, but she is excited nonetheless.

Tonight she walked a good 20 feet without falling. I was so proud. And she was just walking to the coffee table, instead of coming to Matt or I. She was grinning ear to ear when she reached the table and of course I called everyone to tell them of her newest accomplishment :)

She then went through our living room into the kitchen which by her path is another 30 feet or so. She fell numerous times, but got right back up to walk some more.

The only problem is, my little Leah will go speeding past her on all fours and get right in Hannah's projected path inevitable causing Hannah to trip. Its as if Leah is saying "I am so much faster than you! Why should I walk when I can crawl???"

I officially have 1 toddler... wow

Hopefully video will be posted sometime this week.