Monday, October 6, 2008

A not so successful photo shoot

Now that the girls party is over I now have a little time at night to post some pictures. For their party invitation I tried desperately to get a good picture of the girls wearing their AU outfits.

That night was right before I took Hannah to the doctor and found out she had an ear infection, and needless to say she was in a horrible mood and not cooperative. Leah was in her typical goofy mood.

I got them all dressed in their little dresses with bows in their hair and draped an AU blanket over our ottoman and got ready to snap a few pictures for their invitation.

To get Hannah to MAYBE smile we tried offering puffs, letting them play with a phone, or whatever else we could think of. It would have been more humorous to have video taped my sister and I dancing around and making faces just to get them to laugh, and the constant attempt to get them back onto the blanket after the countless times they crawled away.

I got a few good ones of them individually but did not do too well on the together shots. Anyway here are a few of the good, and some outtakes.