Friday, October 17, 2008

What a week...

I know I have been talking a lot about how much I am working lately, but I have not mentioned how much Matt has been working. Poor guy has had all these deadlines and has been very stressed about making them. So most nights after the girls go down he stays up and works.

This week one of the nurses I work with was out of town, leaving only 2 of us to do all of Kirklin's cases. And of course this was the week Matts deadlines were due. He told me Monday that he would be working until at least 10 Monday through Wednesday.

So I did what I always do and called Matts parents to see if they could help out in case I ended up working late. They had the flu! My parents are out of town. My sister had plans most of the week. I was stressing out.

Luckily Monday and Tuesday ended up being fine. I was home from work by 5:45 and was able to relieve my sister. Wednesday I was on call and Laura was nice enough to change her plans to watch the girls a little late. My case ended up being 14 hours long and a "little late" was 3:30am. Matt did not even come home from work Wed night and worked until his client meeting was over on Thurs. I had to get up and go back to work at 7:30, so I got 3 hours of sleep.

When I got home yesterday (thurs) I was exhausted. And of course so was Matthew. We got the girls down and we got in bed at 10:00. (There was a lot to do after being gone for 48 hours). We were excited to settle down in bed and get a good nights rest.

Unfortunately Kody (our lab mutt) was sick ALL NIGHT LONG. Poor thing is really really sick. He was throwing up all night, so we were in turn up all night cleaning it up. He was very restless and kept jumping on the bed. He threw up on our blanket first, so that was thrown off the bed. And then later we had to do a full fledge 3am sheet change. (He knows he is not allowed on the bed, but also knows when we are in a deep sleep and wont do anything if he sneaks in between us.)

So both Matt and I got up this morning exhausted again. I went to work and then had to take Kody to the vet because he was sick all day as well. I took Millie too because she threw up last night also, but it was only one time. Millie is now home, but Kody has to stay overnight. They did some blood work but it was not back at the time Matt picked up Millie. So I may know something in the morning. Kody is severely dehydrated and has a lot of stomach tenderness. They gave him an IV and stomach settler and hope to get to the bottome of this. I at least got him in the "luxury room" at the vet so he is not bombarded with a lot of other dogs and has a little bed to sleep in. During business hours I can even look in on him on the computer. Yes I know I am pathetic.

I have no idea what he could have gotten into but I am glad I took him since he is a lot sicker than I thought. Pray that he gets better quickly and he did not eat something (like a poisoned mouse) that could be toxic.

This has been a not so good week. I really hate to complain because it could always be worse so lets just say this is me just speaking of our weekly events with the outlook that tomorrow is a new day.

On that note, I am ready for this day to be over and climb into my (clean) sheets. I am VERY tired and we have a big day planned tomorrow.