Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy (belated) Birthday, Daddy!

Matt's 26th birthday was last Friday, Oct. 10th. We had not made plans (which was good) because my work schedule lately has been unpredictable to say the least. Of course I ended up working late, getting home around 10:30. Matt was pretty disappointed.

Last year the girls were only a week old on Matt's birthday, and we were in that groggy state from having 2 newborns. In fact, our main memory for his birthday last year was the lovely present Hannah gave him.

As Matt was holding her (he was laying in bed without his shirt on), Hannah threw up all over him. This was a common occurrence back then since she had such awful refux. The kicker was, when he got up in a slightly frantic state to clean up the entire regurgitated bottle that was now on his chest, he realized his shorts were soaked. Hannah had also had a complete blow out and he was covered in poop. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY say Hannah!

So this year I think he was hoping for something a little different. He had taken off half a day to spend time with the girls and me. He was going to take them out to lunch. Unfortunately I did not even think about it that morning and took the van which has the carseats, so he was stuck at home.

It was kind of sad too because I did early case that day in an attempt to get off early. And I did not get home until about 2am the night before, and then got up at 5, so at least it can be said that I tried!

We decided that we would pretend his birthday was Sunday, and the whole family went to Sumo to celebrate. It was a wonderful dinner. Walker and Eli went and it was their first time at a Japanese restaurant and they were adorable to watch. (If you know Matt, you know that it was NOT the girls first time at a Japanese restaurant).

We took home some birthday cake and the girls enjoyed some the next day. It had blue icing and they were a mess. I had to take some pictures of them in the tub after they covered themselves in icing.