Friday, October 17, 2008

Obsess much?

Leah has become OBSESSED with climbing in chairs. They have these little wooden chairs that go with a little table and she will climb in and out of those for hours. She is as content as can be if you let her sit in her chair and bring toys to her. (pitiful I know). The problem with these chairs is they are actually difficult to climb in and out of and the tend to tip over easily. If I try to take it away while she sees me she goes into hysterics. Also, if I just lay the chair on its back so she cant sit in it anymore, she also goes into a full blown tantrum. I have never seen anything like it.

So what do I do? I went to Target and found some soft chairs for my girls. They are so happy with them! Again, they are climbing in and out of them relentlessly but seem to have no problems falling out of them and getting right back in!

The climbing in and out of things is also a great joy. They like to pull out the bottom drawer of the chest that is in the playroom and then sit in it. It cannot hold them though so I had to come up with another idea. The laundry basket is not only great for holding laundry, but also for letting 2 babies lounge in.

I think the climbing is their new phase. Because we have these new chairs and I have temporarily hidden the other ones, they can now climb on top of their table! And today I caught Leah climbing out of her HIGH CHAIR! they have never tried to get out of it and so I have never strapped them in. But today I turned around for a SECOND while they were having a snack and the next second Leah was on top of her tray leaning over looking at our dog. Of course I freaked out which freaked her out, but I rescued her safely. Looks like she will be buckled up from now on!

Here are some pics. Yes I know it looks like they never get out of these pajamas but lately with my work schedule the only time I have been seeing them is after their baths when they are in their PJs. They are dressed sometimes too!