Saturday, November 8, 2008

The good, the bad, and the beautiful


It has been a really long week so I am just now getting to this post. First and foremost I got the call from my father Halloween morning that my granddaddy passed away. My dad had been in the parking lot of the assisted living and missed his death by mere minutes. However, Granddad did know that he was there, as if he had been waiting. But more on this later.

Of course my sister and I were very upset by this news but that really is not what this post is about. That will be my next one.

So Halloween day I happened to be home, and the plan was to meet with the neighbors at 5:30 for some trick or treating fun. The girls were not going to go door to door, but we wanted to walk around with everyone and enjoy some of the costumes.

Baby Ava came over before we walked out the door for a little photo op. We did not do too well though. Ava, though she is just a tiny thing has a lot of spunk and can hold her own to my kids. She really likes to pull hair. At least my girls are used to this from each other. But Ava was the cutest little ladybug! My girls were ballerinas. Aunt Katy made them the tutu's for their birthday and I thought this would be an easy costume to ensemble. It proved more difficult than planned though because I could not find a purple onesie to go with Leah's purple tutu. I got cream instead and it worked :)

The girls were the most beautiful little ballerinas though if I do say so myself.
IMG_3540.JPGIMG_3537.JPGIMG_3554.JPGIMG_3553.JPG (I even found ballet slippers!)

Matt and I enjoyed walking around with all the neighbors and their kids. The plan was to stroll the girls but they wanted nothing to do with that so we carried them the entire time. We needed our exercise!
Here is a group shot! A few kids refused to get in the picture though, but these are some of this kids from the street :)

We had a lot of fun though and unfortunately have way too much candy left over... still!