Saturday, November 8, 2008

6 things that make me happy

so I've been tagged by Sarah K to write 6 things that make me happy... Why 6? No idea :)
I could make this really easy and state the obvious : matt, hannah, leah, laura, abby, and kody. That's who all I live with! So instead I will try to be more creative since we are all made happy by the people (pets) we love. Here goes in random order...

Sleeping: mainly naps or sleeping in since I tend to stay up way too late. When kids come into the picture these things are never taken for granted.

Days off work with a clean house. This means I get to spend stress free quality time with my girls. Doesn't happen too often but it's always wonderful.

Christmas time. Pretty much everything about it. Cold weather and fires going with hot chocolate or a glass of wine by the Christmas tree. The decorations, the music, family, food, gift giving. It's just so cozy that nothing beats it.

Tcby. I'm obsessed. Ever since I graduated from auburn and they closed the tcby in Inverness I never get it. But it's so much better than ice cream! White chocolate mousse. Mmmmm

Changes in season. I couldn't think of what season was my favorite because I always get tired of one by the end and look forward to the next one.

The beach. Again an obsession but one that has varied since having kids. Gone are the endless hours of baking in the sun. Probably a good thing for my skins sake but I still love it. Especially when the water is clean and there is a breeze.

Ok there's my 6. That means I tag someone now huh. Ok. I tag Katy, laura g, and amy m