Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let the fights begin!

The girls interact more and more with each other every day. Most of the time I find it hilarious. I love that they play peek a boo to each other, and follow each other around. If one leaves the room, the other goes to look for her. And though they have their moments, they normally get along pretty well.

A lot of times they will hold hands while in the high chairs, and give food to each other (not good when I am feeding one prunes to fix one problem and AVIDLY avoiding prunes with the other - if you know what I mean). And yet, they still share.

Until this week...

I bought these tiny Halloween pails that the girls like to carry around. I put some cheerios in one of them the other day for Leah. Hannah came up to her and wanted some cheerios. This would normally not phase Leah in the least. She would just let Hannah have some of the cheerios. This particular time however, Leah took the whole pail and hugged it close to her body, turned away from her sister and SCREAMED at Hannah. Hannah kept trying to reach for the pail, and Leah just turned more, clutched the pail tighter and screamed louder.

Second incident: If I buy them a toy, especially a larger one, they share. I am not buying 2 of everything! I got them the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Sing and Story time chair.

I have mentioned their obsession with chairs and thought they would love this. They really love it. Unfortunately they both want to be on it at the same time and we had a near miss head injury from one child pulling the other child out of the chair at massive force. Sitting on top of each other is apparently fair game. I actually went out and bought another one, and now they happily play in their own little chairs next to each other - though they do switch often. They better not get used to that...

Of course these are just two moments that are currently in my head but these little fights appear out of nowhere now and I know this will only continue. At least most of the time it is funny... as long as someone isnt being hurled to the ground!