Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a week!

Ok, this has been quite a week. Since Hannah's ear infection was confirmed we have all been sick with a nice variety of ailments. Hannah seemed fine Thurs and Fri so Matt and I left the girls with Aunt Katy and Uncle Jason and their two young boys on Saturday and we went to the Auburn game. We did not go to Auburn last year at all because I was so pregnant, and then we had 2 newborns. Football season was spent either miserably huge or holding a baby. Ah memories...

Anyway, unknown to all of us, the boys had a pretty bad stomach virus (which really revealed itself a little later). It includes horrible diarrhea which made them have AWFUL diaper rash. Poor kiddos.

Saturday night Hannah woke up, which I assumed was because of her ear. Sunday night was the same way. But Hannah acted like she could not get comfortable. She would not lay on my stomach while we rocked. She finally calmed down laying beside me in bed until she fell asleep. Well, Monday morning I awoke to her screaming and she had apparently thrown up all in her crib. (sorry for all these lovely visuals). I thought maybe this could be her antibiotic, which I withheld until after she tolerated her lunch. But then the diarrhea started. For both girls. I still do not think they had it as bad as their cousins, but we have had a lot of outfit changes and sheet washes.

So Hannah has an ear infection, which eventually turned into a double ear infection (and we have changed to a stronger antibiotic now). Both got the stomach virus and Leah also has a pretty nasty cold, or is cutting a tooth. Either way they have been miserable. On top of all that, Matt was hit with the stomach virus late Monday night through thursday, and was extremely sick, and I had a sinus infection that settled into my chest (and I have asthma).

All week at least one child woke up every 2 hours or so (sometimes within 30 minutes of me putting one down, the other would wake up screaming). And I am in this catch 22 of, what if they have a dirty diaper? Their diaper rash is bad already because of the virus. Or what if Hannah's ear really hurts and her motrin has worn off? It has been constant. Last night they did much better. Hannah woke up at 4 and Leah woke up at 4:30, but I changed them, gave them some tylenol and a bottle and they went right back down. When we get the all clear at the doctors we will have to do the crying it out thing again, but for now I am trying to just comfort them.

But, we survived and there could always be worse things! It is funny though because the girls have never been sick before (aside from some congestion during flu season last year) and now they get everything at once!