Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day in the life of Mommy

Today was one of those days where I feel like I never got a moment to myself. I know it happens a lot as a mom, but today was crazy.

It started off with the new Wednesday morning routine. On Wednesdays the girls go to Mother's Day Out. But Hannah had to get her 3rd Rocephin shot this morning. So I lugged both girls into MDO and dropped off Leah. Hannah and I then went to the pediatrician to get her shot. While we waited the 30 minutes to see if she had a reaction, Dr. Bo checked her ears again, and it was still just as bad. I mentioned that Leah has had a cold for over a week and he said he wanted to see her to make sure her ears were ok.

So, because my schedule is going to be bad for the rest of the week I went ahead and made her an appointment within the hour. So I took Hannah back to MDO and picked up Leah and back to the pediatricians I went. While I was at the doctors with Leah I made had an appointment at the ENT for Hannah at 2:30. I knew she needed to get in fast so we would have a plan of action. Leah checked out just fine, except for her congestion which we got an antibiotic for. I took her back to MDO for another hour so they could go ahead and eat their lunch there.

So I went and got Leah's prescription filled while they were at MDO and grabbed Chick-fil-a and went back to get my girls. They were both exhausted. I had disrupted them enough today that Leah never really took a nap and Hannah's was short. So because I had some time before the ENT, I drove around a little so they could nap.

We arrived at the ENT (Laura met me here in case I got called in to work) and the girls were very rambunctious. They tried to destroy the waiting room, taking down every magazine they could find or other papers. But they refused to be held. They wanted down!

Finally the doctor saw us and looked in Hannah's ear. Because of my family history he is definitely worried but here is our latest update: She will be on a ten day dose of Augmentin (spelling?). Her eardrum will either rupture at which point she will feel better. It will heal itself and the meds will help with that. If it ruptures and another infection reoccurs, he will put tubes in. If in 10 days she is not better, he will put tubes in. He doesnt want to go directly to that because it is only in one ear and this is her first infection, but because of my past, if anything else happens he will schedule her for surgery. So my hope is that the antibiotic will actually work!!!

Anyway, by 4:30 I pulled into the driveway and Laura and I got the girls down for a nap, which they seriously needed. Of course while they napped I had to take care of the things that had not been done all day that I had been gone. Once they woke up it was their dinner time, then baths.

We enjoyed some playtime this evening when Daddy got home before they went to bed and now I finally have a moment to relax. Hopefully we are done with the doctors until the 29th when I take Hannah to check her ear again.

Whew what a day of juggling but at least I was productive!