Thursday, September 4, 2008

First ear infection

Hannah is a little trooper. She has been pulling on her ears since she was 3 months old, which has caused 4 trips to the doctor to check for a possible ear infection. Every single time she was clear and the doc did not know why she pulled on her ears so much. At our 9 month appointment he finally witnessed her doing this, and came to the conclusion that she just has a little nervous twitch. (he did a tympanogram to make sure there were no problems and she was fine). But at least he saw what I was talking about. Today I took her back to the doctor to once again check her ears, and this time I am not the paranoid over protective Momma who is scared of her children inheriting her ear problems. Full blown ear infection in her right ear. No fun!

The thing is, I was almost sure he would say she was fine, and probably teething. She has been eating and sleeping fine and really had not been too fussy lately. But this time she had been sticking her finger in her ear, so I felt the need to check it out. Good thing.

I feel bad though because I am not sure how long she has been doing this, though I do know it got worse recently. But we took the girls swimming on Labor day which probably did not help.

As for her being a trooper though (and really I cannot leave Leah out because she was one today as well), it really comes down to our very busy day today.

As I mentioned before I took the girls to Gymboree today. They both got up earlier than usual this morning at around 7:30 so normally 10:30 they are ready for their naps. The class started at 10:15. Hannah had one little moment, but Leah was wonderful the entire time. They were exhausted when we got in the car. Laura and I decided to go to lunch, and it was coming up on lunchtime for the girls. We wanted Mexican, but they cant eat anything there so we drove home to grab a lunch for them. They fell asleep hard core in the car, so Laura ran in and packed lunch while I drove in circles. Anyone else do this? Then we called my mom and decided to meet her at the Mexican restaurant by her house, so the kiddos would have more time to sleep.

They did great at the restaurant, so we then ran by my dads office to pick up some Auburn tickets for this weekend. They played a little while there. Then it was coming up on the time for Hannahs appointment so we went straight there. Hannah fell asleep again in the car. There was a train across the street from the pediatrician and it was quite loud but it did not phase Hannah. In fact she slept in my arms until I had to put her down to get weighed.

(on a side note, she weighs 23lbs, 13oz. Yes, I know. Big baby. I get it) :)

Both girls were angels at the doctors office and when we FINALLY got home at 4 they went down for a nice hour and a half nap. Poor things were almost falling asleep while I changed their diapers.

So all in all, I am glad Hannah has been relatively asymptomatic even with a horrible ear infection. And I am glad I did not just think it was her nervous twitch again.