Sunday, September 28, 2008

the dental update ...etc

just a quick note (from the iPhone)

Little Leah finally cut her first tooth last week! Bottom front ( I have no clue all the names of teeth; incisers and bicuspids ... No idea). So bottom front is the technical term. The one beside it should be peeking through any day!

Hannah now has five. It seems to all be coming at once! They are definitely giving her a hard time. So she now has 3 up top and 2 on bottom.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow to check her ear. After 10 days of augmenten she is still messing with it. But she has been sleeping better- off and on.

I have a very busy week ahead of me! The girl's birthday is this Friday and we are having an auburn birthday party on Saturday. It's just a few neighbors and family and yet we have about 35 adults coming and 8 kids! I guess I'm glad I decided not to invite all my friends for this. I would have had to rent a place! I'm trying to figure out how I will logistically fit everyone in where they have a place to eat, but at least we have two big screens to watch the game. I'm sure the girls will enjoy the chaos and shaking their shakers! I'm making a tiger cake. I had to make a practice one and it turned out ok. We will see! Lots to do though! I can't believe my little girls will be a year old!

Nothing really new on the walking front- Hannah still takes 4-6 steps before lunging/falling forward and Leah stands great but no steps. I'm sure it will be any time now!

Oh yeah! I finally finished the last princess painting I started for the girls when I was prego. I painted a huge one for their nursery of Cinderella, snow white and sleeping beauty with the castle behind them. Since then I have been painting a bit here and there on the 6 smaller ones of all the princesses individually. These are for the playroom. I was determined to have them done before their first birthday and I knocked out the last 3 in the past 3 nights :). Those were the smallest. I'm so happy to be done! I'm taking a break from painting princesses for a while. I'll take a pic when we get them hung.

Gotta be at work really early so I can leave and make hannahs doctors appt. Goodnight!