Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Noah- 2 months

Noah's 2 month check up went really well.  He had to get shots which always kills me but he did not cry very long.  Hannah and Leah had to wait outside because they said that his crying would hurt their heart.  Bless them.

2 month stats
Length: 23 3/4inches (75%)
Weight: 11lbs 10.5oz (50%)
Head Circumference: 15 1/2 cm (50%)

At 2 months he has become a belly sleeper.  We bought the Angel Movement Monitor because his startle reflex is so bad that if he lays on his back at all and hears the slightest noise he freaks out.  This is why he hates the car I have learned.  However he hates to be swaddled as well so unless he is on his belly he wont sleep.  But once we started letting him do that he went from waking up every hour or two to sleeping 7 hours or so.  Fabulous.

He loves his crib.  He will snooze if desperate in his swing, but goes to sleep immediately in his crib. I hope this continues.

He has started to really smile and even give a little cackle at times.  That smile makes all the night wakings totally worth it.

I originally felt like he was a needy baby.  Now I have him figured out.  If he naps 2 hours after he wakes up he is happy.  Simple really.  Makes my life easier.

He is a great nurser and I am thrilled that I have not had to supplement formula.  It helps that I am not working of course.

He likes his paci but prefers his entire fist.  And he makes the loudest sucking noise ever.  Hilarious.

The third baby is so much easier! And he is so precious :)

the 1-2 month progression

my baby has grown so much

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