Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hand Me Downs


Poor kid has two older sisters.  He gets stuck with some of their things.  Not their dresses or anything, but towels?  Come on, no one sees if he wears a princess towel with a crown, right?  Unless his mean momma takes a million pictures of it.  I couldn't help it.  I didn't use the towel with ill intent.  But when I saw my precious little boy all decked out in a pink towel, with a crown on his head... well the camera had to come out.  

He didn't cooperate anyway.  All he does is try to stick his entire fist inside his mouth. Any pictures that are fistless were taken within the 1-2 seconds I had pulled his hand away before he brought it back to his mouth.  Serves me right.


Then I tried to get some pictures without a towel.  Still no cooperation.
I mean, seriously?


I quickly had to pull both hands away here...
And I was making all kinds of crazy noises to get his attention...

This one I took because this is one of five things that the girls had that he can wear.  I found it while going through bins for consignment.  And out of the 5, 4 of them look just like this.  I loved these sleep sacks.  Im selling the hot pink ones so he is not scarred in his future.

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