Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monkey see...

Matt walked into the bathroom one night and the girls were playing "babies" while taking a bath.  This is a common game for them.  When I was pregnant, they were often seen walking around with a doll under their shirt.  But they will swap up, one being the baby and one being the mommy.

On this one occasion, I heard Matt yell out "NO!" and then walked out of the bathroom and told me to deal with "my children".  Ha.

Turns out one child was being cradled by the other and the "baby" was nursing.  For real.  Guess thats an issue for the actual mommy to handle.  

I talked to them about it and told them that it was only for real mommies and real babies.

They have done it again a few times, and when I ask what they are doing, they quickly respond that they are only sucking on each others shoulders, and not doing it for real.  Good to know.

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