Sunday, August 19, 2012


I think every commercial out there must be trying to get the attention of the 4 year old child. Or maybe just Leah because she ultimately believes or wants anything she sees.

Take the target commercial for the Dora Mermaid doll. In it the doll is swimming in a lagoon or something, and then it shows a little girl playing with Dora in the bath. Suddenly the little girl has fins!

"Mommy! I wish I had that Dora mermaid. She swims! And she will turn me into a real mermaid!!" she told me after watching it the first time. I tried to tell her it was just a costume. She didn't believe me and when it came on again she insisted I watch it with her. "see??? She's a real mermaid!"

I finally convinced her it is just a costume but now she wants me to find a mermaid costume she can swim in.

Don't even get me started on dream lights, wubble pets, a sparkly singing repunzel, pillow pets, and have you seen the new seatbelt pets!? She has. Wish Netflix had more movies so I could be done with these commercials.

Tonight Matt brought me home some command hooks so I can hang my nifty new organizer. She saw them in the Walmart bag and got very excited.

"these are just what I've been wanting!!"
She said emphatically.
"you've been wanting command hooks?" I asked.
"yes! To organize!! They come off cleanly!!"

She's a walking infomercial.

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The Knightens said...

Love the command hook response! We caved and got the Dreamlight.