Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leah's boo boo's

It was a very busy weekend but I do not have the time tonight to write about it all. (nor the battery life on this computer). But I had to show my poor baby's "Ba Ba Ows" (anyone else ever heard that phrase before? Maybe it was just in our house)

Anyway, Friday as I was driving home from work my sister called and told me that Leah dropped a LARGE can of peaches on her toe. The girls like to stack cans from the pantry. Leah was of course screaming in the background. I asked what it looked like and she said her nail was black, but not her toe so I figured there was nothing that could be done.

It definitely hurt her, and Friday she made sure we knew that. Saturday though she seemed fine, except it was a little tender.

Then, to top off her weekend Hannah bit her tonight. They were in the tub and Hannah was blowing bubbles on Leahs tummy, and somehow, as Hannah's head was turned away from me, and Leah was laying down in the water, Leahs thumb ended up in Hannah's mouth and screaming then erupted. We have not had a real biting incident before now but there were lovely teeth marks on Leahs thumb and it immediately turned red and swelled. Nice. Luckily she was over it quickly. I kept repeating to Hannah that WE DO NOT BITE at which point she would put her own thumb in her mouth and bite down. What does that mean? Hmm...

Here are some lovely pics to document these wonderful memories...