Monday, January 5, 2009

Hannah's "new" room

After months and months of us having the pack n play set up in the play room, thus giving us the option to separate the girls if needed, we have finally made it more permanent and moved a crib in there so the girls have their own room. Temporarily I hope. I cannot count the times I have struggled about whether or not to let one baby cry back to sleep risking waking the other, or actually had to go in to tend to one child and the other been half awake. My presence makes that child fully awake and now there are two to deal with in the middle of the night. When the girls have a bad phase Hannah gets shipped to the pack n play (I think it was Hannah because she was more adaptable around 6 months when we started the CIO thing and so therefore she became the one to move.) I honestly did not see things getting to the point where they would magically be able to sleep in the same room without a hitch for an extended period of time. So, the crib has been moved.

Now Leah is sleeping under a big "Hannah" sign, but oh well :)

I really thought the crib would take up the whole playroom but I forgot how much LESS room only one crib takes up, so it is not too bad. She seems to like it anyway. When they are both old enough to be in toddler beds and I can tell them to lay down and they DO it, they can go back together I am figuring.

What is funny is this new phase the girls are in. Mainly Hannah. Today they took a nap around noon after their appointment and slept for a long time. I had not planned on putting them down again. Around four, Hannah grabbed her blanket and her cup and looked at me and said "nigh nigh" then walked to her crib. I simply turned out the light and laid her down, taking Leah out with me. She just wanted to sleep!

She did the same thing tonight. 8:00 is their bedtime and I had not been paying much attention to the time. She got her blanket and promptly at 8 said "nigh nigh" again and went to her crib and tried to climb in! I changed her and offered her some yogurt but she kept saying nigh nigh and going to her room, so I laid her down and she curled right up. So cute. I hope this lasts!!!

Unfortunately, Matt was laying Leah down and about 5 minutes after I came out of the one bedroom, Leah comes out of the other laughing. Matt threw up his hands in defeat saying that he had already read her 4 books and she couldnt decide what book she wanted next. Just kept saying "buk buk!". Can you say SUCKER? I let her watch a few minutes of blues clues, read her ONE book and put her down. She wasnt thrilled but she eventually started playing nicely in the crib. Last night we heard her playing for at least 2 hours. Well, as long as shes not screaming - whatever. I think she is growing out of the 2 naps a day now. The only reason she got two today was I wanted Hannah to sleep and she was clanging pots :)

So this is a wonderful change. I never thought this day would come. The day when bedtime consisted of a story, a sip of water and a blanket. I do not want to speak too soon, but I hope this lasts!!!