Monday, January 5, 2009

15 month checkup

This past weekend Hannah has been so pitiful. On Friday night we had Katy and Jason and the boys over, along with the Wyrosdicks. So we had lots of kids. After dinner, I put the girls in the tub and when we got Hannah out, she was shivering uncontrollably. This has never happened before. After I got her warmed up I figured she had a temperature but couldnt tell after the bath. She started playing anyway after some motrin. Around 7:15 with all the kids running around LOUDLY she grabbed her blanket and climbed in my lap. Poor baby started to fall asleep with her head on my shoulder. I changed her and she fell asleep on the changing table. She was ready for bed.

That started our weekend of a very fussy Hannah with a moderately high temp even with constant medication. No other symptoms though so I figured she could wait until their appointment this morning.

We made it through the weekend and she was seemed awful. Her eyes said it all, and she had two MAJOR tantrums after naps yesterday that were uncontrollable. She only wanted to be held but not sitting down. It was fun.

This morning she still had a temperature around 102 so I knew we would not be getting her shots today but at least we could get to the bottom of this!!!

As usual both girls did great at the pediatricians. They chase each other around the little bed in the room. Dr. Bo checked out Hannah and found no obvious reason for her to have fevers, so he did a CBC and we tried a urine bag to check for a urinary tract infection. She never would pee in the bag of course so they had to do a quick cath on my baby. That hurt me. Both results came back fine. Diagnosis is a fever virus, which I do not even understand except it must make her feel awful and theres nothing more we can do for it but give motrin and tylenol.

Leah got her shots today though and was very upset until she got her Mickey Mouse sticker. She is a McCay most definitely :)

Here are their measurements:
Leah: 30 1/2 inches - 90%
Hannah: 31 1/2 inches - 90%

Leah : 26lbs - 93%
Hannah: 25lbs 3oz - 85% (She has lost some since she has been walking!)

Head Circumference
Leah : 18 inches- 50%
Hannah: 18 1/2 inches - 90%

So those are my tiny little babies that I brought home 15 months ago at around 5 lbs each, 5 weeks early. Haha, I am glad they told us how important it was to make sure they ate! :)

Anyway, when we got home the girls took a great 2 hour nap and I think Hannah's fever finally broke. She seemed to have that sparkle back in her eyes so hopefully we are on the downslope. Dr Bo told us to expect her to get a nice little rash. I guess that will be our clue that it is almost over!