Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip to the beach and the "swimming twins"

We got back from the beach 2 weeks ago, but I am been so busy since then I have had no time to blog! So I am now doing a little catch up.

I have to say that the trip to Panama City was wonderful. Overall the girls did great, the weather was very nice, and it was a good time to get away and relax. We stayed at some friends condo, which is right next to Pier Park. We were able to walk to restaurants and a huge number of stores, and the girls enjoyed strolling along with us. Many days we would leave the condo around the time they needed a nap, and walk the streets in Pier Park while they snoozed. They even stayed out until 10 a few nights, just sleeping in the stroller! Matts parents were there the last half of the week and it was very nice to visit with them in a stress free situation. And it is always nice to have an extra 2 sets of hands!

They slept well for the most part. We had 2 rough nights but otherwise they both were good. Hannah even slept until 10 or 10:30 some mornings. The definitely got off any schedule they were originally on, but hey, it was vacation!

Unfortunately the beach experience was not as great. We ventured out one day, lugging all our things with our two children, set up their little tent (we had planned on renting us chairs, but they were out) only to give up after about an hour. The water was too full of seaweed and jellyfish to get in, and it was entirely too hot on the beach to not play in the water. So we packed it up again and went to the pool which proved to be a very popular area. We got out there two more times. One day we could get in the water and the girls enjoyed a little snooze on their Mommy and Daddy in the ocean and lounge chairs. The other day they "played" in the sand, but Hannah mainly ate it and Leah just raked it on her legs. :)
We did not get many beach pictures because our hands were always full, but here is one before they freaked out that the ocean was going to get them...
by the ocean

The pool was such a successful place to go that the girls thus became known as "the swimming twins". They had quite a little following. They have absolutely no fear when it comes to the water and people were a little surprised at their willingness to go under (especially Hannah).

Here are some pictures of hannah "jumping" to me
jumping to mommy 1jumping to mommy 2jumping to mommy 3jumping to mommy 4

And of her swimming to me - notice her closing her eyes when she knows she is going under
Hannah swimming 1hannah swimming 2Hannah swimming 3hannah swimming 4

Leah would rather kick and float

One of their favorite days (and ours) was when we went to Shipwreck Island Water Park. They loved crawling around the kiddie area and playing in the wave pool. It was so shallow in such a large section that they just crawled everywhere in the water. It was really fun watching them. I have some cute pictures but I have not had time to upload the ones from the park yet.

Lastly, apparently the twin fascination is heightened ten-fold while on vacation. At restaurants we had a least 10-20 people a night say something to us. In fact, people love to call them chubby! One lady actually picked up Hannahs juice bottle and tried to give it to her. Hannah looked at her like she was crazy at which point this (drunk) woman did not know what to do with the bottle so she tried to just hand it Hannahs right hand. As if she will take the bottle in her hand and say "Thanks!". Drunk lady eventually gave up the whole feeding thing and put the bottle down on the table again and finally left. Good grief.

I am sure I have missed so many things I wanted to mention, but alas, I am now 2 weeks later in my memories and am trying to sum up an entire vacation. Maybe Matt can pinpoint some other moments.