Thursday, July 10, 2008

9 month checkup

The girls had their 9 month well baby check up today. Just a quick note for my records sake. They got two shots today and they did well with them - as long as we had apple juice ready for them!

Apparently Hannah has a nervous habit of pulling at her ears, which I always worry is a sign of a possible ear infection. Her ears are clear and Dr Bashinsky did a tempanogram and her pressure in her ear is perfect too. So she just likes to pull on her ear for fun. Good to know.

Leah is incredibly flexible. Oddly and supernaturally flexible in her hips especially. I have been a little worried about it (hip dysplasia, etc.) so I mentioned it to him today. He was quite amazed at her flexibily and said it was definitely not normal, but her legs are even and so there should be no reason to worry. Guess we have a little gymnast on our hands!

Otherwise, they are perfectly healthy and right on track as far as developmental milestones. I just need to work on the whole sippy cup thing a little more.

They are big girls. I will say that. It will most likely melt away when they start crawling, and honestly, I am not ready for the fat rolls to go away. But for now they are big. Here are their measurements (for my charting purposes later)

Length - 28 3/4 inches (90%)
Weight - 21 lbs, 6 1/2 oz (95%)
Head circumference - 17 1/2 (75%)

Length - 27 7/8 inches (50%)
Weight - 21 lbs, 2 1/2 oz (90%)
Head circumference - 17 1/8 (25%)

So they go back at 1 year! Hard to believe that is only 3 months away....