Monday, July 14, 2008

The joys of the door stopper

The girls are so active in the bath now that we have resorted to giving them their baths in our jacuzzi tub. This way they have so much more room to plow each other over and pull each other down, all while stealing whatever bath toy the other one has.

After baths, the girls have a little crawl from the bedroom to the den. (I refuse to carry two crawling babies everywhere). I walked a little ahead of them the other day when I heard the very loud unmistakable sound of the door stopper springing with enthusiasm. Leah had found it! She was having the best time. (She also really enjoys throwing the dogs metal bowl around on the hard wood floors. That makes a FUN sound as well!). Hannah joined right on in, and found yet another one, so we had harmony.

This amused them for a good 5 minutes, and Matt said it was blog worthy. Hey, when it is your own kids, everything is just so darn cute!