Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "new" sleeping arrangements

So the girls have been doing pretty well lately with not waking up in the middle of the night. Once they go down (haha) they typically sleep until 8 - 10am. Until a few days ago, Hannah was sleeping in the pack n play in the spare bedroom and Leah was in her crib. Leah was waking up screaming in the middle of the night and we had to basically ignore her for a few days and now she is sleeping through the night again.

They have started the new thing of screaming bloody murder once we put them in their cribs though. Leah can be dead asleep and when we lay her down, she wakes up and is not happy! I have tried rocking her back to sleep, which results in the same thing when she gets back in her crib. So we just give her about 30 minutes and normally she cries herself to sleep. (I take that opportunity to take a shower so I do not have to listen to the crying, and by the time I get out it is wonderfully quiet) - I hope that does not make me a bad person!

So since they were both screaming when they were put in the beds anyway, they are no longer being separated. I am not going to worry about one waking the other, or keeping the other up. If it happens, they will have to learn to get past it. Honestly, they have done pretty well the last 3 nights. It takes about an hour of crying and then they fall asleep. They do not really wake each other up in the mornings, and if they do then it has not been at an unreasonable time. - Considering they were not eating breakfast until 11am most days of the week, waking up at 9 probably is not a bad thing!

This is still a working process and it does keep them up longer crying, but hopefully they will get used to being together again. I think I will still separate them at naptime because they are such lighter sleepers then.