Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Noah 8 months

The 8 month photo shoot went terribly honestly.  He wasn't feeling great, and he gave me a few smiles but kept trying to get closer to me which did inevitably end up in a face plant in the crib slats.  He also has become well aware of that little sticker that shows his month and does not want it on his shirt anymore.  I tried to save it with the intentions of returning for more pictures, but that did not happen.  Oh well.
I kinda wish I went with the whole chalk board picture with the baby in the chair.  Of course at this point he would be trying to jump out of the chair...

we started off good - but I didn't have the camera in focus yet...
Noah 8 months

He's happy, but keeps trying to come toward me.  Not what I was wanting...
Noah 8 months

Determined to get the camera...
Noah 8 months

Found the darn sticker.
Noah 8 months

And he busted into the crib.  I tried to make it better with the first thing I found, but I knew it was over at that point...
Noah 8 months

At 8 months he is still as attached to mommy as ever.
He started crawling Decemeber 15th, just 10 days shy of turning 8 months.
No teeth yet but I can feel them right under the gumline.
Eats whatever I serve him.  Except green beans.  His favorites seem to be grilled cheese and macaroni, but loves some yogurt too.  Hates green beans, though he will eat spinach or whatever else.  Weird.
The kid sleeps best snuggled next to me.  He normally comes in my room around 3 or 4 depending on how tired I am or hell bent on getting him to stay in his crib.  This will bite me in the butt one day I am sure.  For now I just want sleep, and with me he will sleep until 8:30 or 9.
Still nurses great, but wont take a bottle (with very few exceptions).  I offered formula just in case he weaned himself early, but he gagged. ha.  I gag smelling the stuff so I cant imagine.

This to me is a hard age.  Even though he is mobile which he likes, he is not very good at it.  So he constantly crawls around getting things in his mouth and then falling flat on his face or chin against the hardwood.  So I am always running to him wondering what he has in his mouth or comforting the hurt baby.  I think walking will be easier, but I am not trying to speed that along.

Anyway he is my sweet boy.  As always, I cant believe he is getting so big!

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