Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet Maggie

Meet Maggie

Abby died Matt started emailing me and texting me pictures of dachshund puppies. Especially Dapple dachshunds.

I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DOG I told him.  I was grieving - and honestly, i was tired of cleaning up dog messes.  We have Kody and he is a great dog.  One is enough.

He didnt really listen to me though, and of course I felt bad about it.

So I started making stipulations.

1. We were not going to buy one.  Nope.  Im not spending 400$ to get a dog.
2.  I did not want a puppy AND a baby in the house!  OY!  I would be the one with said dog all the time.  Im not stupid.
3. All night time (or daytime when he is home) new dog responsibility would fall on him.  I get the baby, he gets the dog.  DEAL.
4. It had to be a girl.  We have a boy dog.  He marks.  I dont need two of those.  Plus I figure Kody would like a girl dog better.
5.  If allergies were worsened because of this dog, the dog had to go. (And between my inlaws and my sisters future inlaws, we are not short on dachshund lovers in the the family.)

So a week went by.  Matt kept sending me pictures.  Even some rescues.  One was blind.  (Seriously?  I have an 8 month old)

Then one day a friend of mine posted a picture of a dog to facebook.  She had found her in a rental property that had been abandoned.  This dog was left trapped in the house with no food or water or way to get out.  She was trying to find her a home.  And she just happened to be a FREE Dapple Dachshund.  A rescue. A GIRL.  and not a tiny PUPPY.

Matt was out of town but I sent him the picture and he was interested.  We decided I would take her to our vet to get her all checked out.  Turns out she is perfect.  A little malnourished because of being left alone, and obviously had been abused because of her skittishness and cowering when she is about to be touched, but healthy.  She was maybe 9 months old and had not been spayed.  And she let Hannah hold her like a baby doll so she is submissive.

All good things.  So home she came.  Sometimes they have a way of finding us it would seem.

Meet Maggie
Meet MaggieThe girls decided on a few names.  Leah liked Mia, and Bella, and Hannah liked Maggie.  Maggie won.  Not to be confused with cousin dachshunds Maddy and Molly.  Which they say often.  Or the dog my dad just rescued, which is Gabby.  Which they also call her.

I call her Prissy.  She is the prissiest dog ever.  Will not go outside... which is a problem I hope will one day resolve itself...
Meet Maggie
She is a bandit and a hoarder and I am afraid to look at what is under my bed.  I will also never have a matching pair of socks again.  She is not great at the whole potty training.  I know shes been abused and it will take time, but I dont have a ton of it during the day.  She is an escape artist and figured out how to unzip her kennel.  When we rigged it up where she couldnt, she just ate a hole in the side... metal crate it is. She thinks she is a baby and loves pacis and laying in Noahs boppy seat.  She is a snuggler though and a sweet heart, but yaps in the am to protect her bed from the fierce Kody who walks by.  She has big dog syndrome bad.  She doesnt realize the 70lb dog she torments could eat her... good thing he is sweet.
cue video :)

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