Monday, August 25, 2008

Was it a step? and Did she say "Dog?"

Today I got some good play time with my girls. I have been wanting a good day with them for about a week now!

of course as a little side story, I was just putting their clothes away when Laura yelled out for me to come into the den. Abby (my beagle) had gotten sick ALL OVER the place. The girls apparently feed her more than I realized when they eat their meals because it all came up and she managed to spread cheese quesadilla, hot dogs, and green beans from the kitchen through the den into the dining room. So very gross. This is a rather large area. So just when I was finishing my last little chore I ended up spending about an hour mopping the floors and cleaning up after her. I was not very happy.

Anyway, when I finally did get to join Laura and the girls in the playroom we had a good time. I am working with Hannah and Leah on standing on their own. They can do it pretty well, but when they realize they are standing without holding on to anything they immediately sit down. Hannah is (of course) more inclined to stand so I was pulling her up to the standing position and letting her go, and making a big deal of it the longer she stayed up. She can last about 20-30 seconds before she looks down and sits. At one point, I was about an arms length away from her and was trying to get her to come to me. Normally she just falls forward reaching for me, as if she is on the side of the pool and has no problem falling. But at one point, she took one little step forward and then lunged toward me. Laura missed this (figures) so I have no proof that she took a step, but I am giving Hannah the credit. Maybe it was not the official "first step" but she is definitely making progress.

Leah on the other hand, while she is perfectly happy crawling everywhere, is very verbal. Neither one of them says any obvious words. They say "mama" and "dada" but I am not sure it is really aimed at either one of us. But I realize that we say "dog" a lot, since there is always one around. They love the dogs, so when we see one we say "Kody-Dog? Abby-Dog?" Or just "Dog". Leah now has started looking for the dog when I say the word and today every time I said it she repeats with "DAW". I dunno, maybe she just likes the D sound, but it could be.

She is waving now though which is really cute. When I wave at her she likes to get up really close to my hand that is waving and wave also while touching my hand.

All these are little things, but I thought I would document them for years to come. And I just think I have the two cutest darn kids in the entire world so of course every little thing is totally blog worthy :)