Monday, August 4, 2008

Another "relaxing" day

I put the word "relaxing" in quotes because I think that word is no longer synonymous with the word vacation. Add 2 10 month olds and there are few relaxing moments.

Our day started with matt getting up at 7 to call the one place that can repair a toyota using our warranty. It is too hot to put babies in to that car with no air condition. Matt spent an hour last night making sure it was not a fuse and we decided to have him take it in this morning when we found out it wasn't. The place is in fort walton which is about 45 min from where we are.

Turns out it is our air conditioning clutch. Of course the part was on backorder. They managed to get one and we had to pay to overnight it but they gave us a rental car at least. We should have the van back no later than Wednesday so we did not hassle with the car seats. That means we are confined to the Sandestin area for now ( can go places in a golf cart). Laura (forgot to mention she drove in also) headed to the beach and left me with the kiddos (kinda stranded) until matt got home from Toyota. It is impossible to take 2 babies to the pool or even outside in the jacuzzi on my own. I am at the mercy of anyone who can help to do those kinds of ventures. Around 11 I laid the girls down as I stared outside hoping it would get sunny enough to lay out on the deck at least. I got some chores done and matt got back in the rental.

Once the girls got up we enjoyed some time splashing in the (cold) jacuzzi before they had to nap again. For dinner we loaded up in my parents pimped out auburn golf cart and went to a little restaurant in Baytown.

Overall we had an enjoyable day but we stayed busy! Hopefully we will get our car back soon and can head to the beach. Unfortunately jelly fish and undertoes are supposedly bad enough to keep everyone out of the water. If so the pool will be our favorite place!


The Slagleys said...

Sounds fun! Vacations are never quite the same after kids are involved! Beach time that used to be all day turns into a total of 2 hours a day. And you don't sleep in as late as you want with your human alarm clock! But- I know you are still enjoying yourselves! Hope the van gets back soon and you can get those girls out of the house.

The Browders said...

Sorry to hear about the car troubles. Travel with children definitely is a different kind of 'relaxing' isn't it? ;)

FreeSpirit said...

Under'toes.' ;) What exactly are those? Toes under your toes? Or is it, undertows? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean and I thought you'd find it funny. I hope so! Can we hang out soon??? September sounds great.