Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our trip is coming to an end

I plugged in the computer today to download some pictures and realized we have wireless internet! (we are stealing it from a neighbor but full signal none the less). Its probably good that Matt did not know about this honestly but I could have updated a little more. Blogging on the IPhone is not that enjoyable... but this will be a long post I am afraid because I am trying to cram all my thoughts into one post.

Tonight is our last night here and we are getting some things packed back up for the ride home tomorrow. It has been a great week. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Very humid, but sunny every day. Only one morning was it kinda cloudy, but then the rain from the night before had cooled everything off and the blue skies came back out. No complaints there!

We never did make it to the beach. It was too hot to take the girls there when the water was filled with jellyfish. Laura got stung one day and came home. It is a lot of work to pack up, get the girls changed and lotioned, drive to the beach, unload the girls and our stuff and lug it out onto the hot sand. Everyone gets hot and sticky. Sand sticks to the sunscreened skin. And there is a moment of juggling kids while towels are laid out on either expensive rented chairs or chairs we have to carry because there is no way we can sit in that hot sand. Children try to eat the sand or whatever else they can find as we try to prevent them from doing such a thing... All that is ok if we can go splash in the ocean. If we cant, a day at the beach is not so fun.

With all that being said, we did have a blast at the pool and in the jacuzzi. Once the girls got up and ate breakfast, Matt and I would take the golf cart to the nearby pool where they would swim their little hearts out. Then they would come back and take a two hour nap and I got to read a book and float in the jacuzzi! It worked out perfectly. We took some long golf cart rides and ate some great food.

Mom and Dad came down Friday for Lauras birthday and we all went to this really nice restaurant in Sandestin (Mitchell's Fish Market). It is definitely an upscale place- but that did not stop Hannah and Leah from throwing food all over the floor. Oh well. I guess Id better get used to it!

They have slept relatively well in their pack n plays. We had one awful night. Thursday night they went to bed just fine. Around 12:30 Leah got up screaming, which has not been like her lately. So I went in to get her. I think she had a bad dream. When I picked her up she just sighed and laid her head down on my shoulder so I took her to bed with us for a while- something I have not done in a few months. She just snuggled with me and I relished the moment. She did not completely settle down though, so I finally got her to lay down in between Matt and I. At one point Laura got up and turned on the bathroom light and Matt and I looked at Leah laying there on her back between us sound asleep with the sheet pulled up to her chest. It was so sweet. It was like she had fought sleep until Matt and I both dozed off and she looked to her right and left and thought "they are too gone now to put me in my crib... aaaaah". I did put her back down at 3am. At 3:45 Hannah woke up. Good grief. Because Leah was so happily sleeping, I got Hannah. She is cutting her top two teeth now and I figured it would not hurt her to have a dose of Tylenol. So I got her that and changed her diaper and gave her a bottle to make it quick. Well she drank the bottle fast but then it was playtime. She was very happy at this point and amused herself with blowing big raspberries on my face, arm, etc. I was trying to ignore her. So she would stare at me and then would get really close to my face and give me a big wet kiss on my cheek followed by a raspberry. She snuggled up to Matt at one point for a few seconds and he thought "aww, she just wanted her Daddy!" And then he was sadly disappointed when she gave him a big raspberry on his arm. She got put back in the pack n play wide awake at 4:45 but fell asleep after just a few minutes of screaming. I was exhausted.

Overall it was a wonderful trip and we have had a lot of fun. I will post what little pictures we got. We tried to do a little photo shoot of the girls on the beach one evening but they were not very cooperative.

I am going to pack now! Always fun!