Monday, August 4, 2008

So our vacation begins

We are in Destin at my parents beach house. I have no Internet for the computer so I am actually writing using my iPhone. Bare with me.

Yesterday the four of us packed our van to the max and started the drive to Destin. Right outside montgomery I went to turn the air conditioning down and realized it was just blowing air. Not cool air. Matt fiddled a little bit and we realized the air condition had in fact gone out. For about 15 minutes the cool air inside circulated fine but it wasn't long before we had to roll all the windows down. The girls didn't seem to mind. They just sat in their car seats getting wind blown and even napped in all the noise! Matt and I watched the outside temperature gauge go from 88 to about 94 as the hours progressed.

We planned on stopping in Opp at a pizza hut ( not much on the way to the beach) but apparently missed it and settled for Country Folks Buffet in Florala for a little air condition break and lunch for us all. I have to say that what may have lacked in food was made up for in the congeniality department. The girls ate their packed lunch of deli ham, square cheese, and some carrots which was all over the floor when we left. I felt bad but what can I do when they insist on feeding themselves?

We got back in the hot car and finally got to the house for some "relaxation". Aka: unload the car, set up the pack n plays, get the girls changed and down for a nap, unpack the suitcases, send matt to the store, make dinner, feed babies, give them a bath, get ready for bed and sleep?

Actually hannah started screaming at about midnight which I realized today was because she cut her 2nd tooth. The one right next to her first one on the bottom. I got her back down at 2 and she slept until 9:30 this morning. At least they did sleep but it was a long day!!!