Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A swimmer in the making

I have mentioned it before, but Hannah LOVES baths. Laura had taken them out today and they were exhausted tonight when I got home from work. Leah lost it. She was so tired and mad we couldnt even give her a bath. We just got her in her PJs and gave her a bottle. Hannah can always be appeased in the tub so while Matt fed Leah, I got in the bath with Hannah so she could swim.

I have really been working on her being good with getting her face wet. If I hold her so her belly is down in the water she will just kick and flail her arms with a big grin on her face. Periodically I will dunk her and watch her reaction. Sometimes she does really well, other times she chokes and I feel bad. But she never gets upset.

Tonight I noticed that she was opening her eyes as I submerged her and continued to kick with her face in the water. (I only dunk her for a second or so). And when she came up she did not choke! So I dunked her a little longer, BRIEFLY letting go to see what she did. I have to say I was very proud. We did this a number of times without her swallowing water. Each time she kept her eyes open and blinked the water away. No fussing at all. She did finally choke on it so that was enough for the night since Mommy felt guilty. She is getting ready to swim in the pool though!!! Too bad that water isnt nice and warm like her bath.

Note: Leah really likes her bath too, but she doesnt kick or anything. She is more of a floater :)