Monday, April 7, 2008

A beautiful Monday

Today was such a pretty day that I had to get out of the house with the girls. They took a good morning nap and after their noon bottles I packed them up and headed to the Alabaster shopping center. (OK, so not an adventurous trip, but any outing is an accomplishment). They love their stroller so they enjoyed me walking them in and out of stores. I went to Old Navy and had way too many things to try on, so I had to give them a Zweibach bar in the dressing room when they started getting bored in order to get through my mound of clothes. This was Leah's first one and she loved it! I just have to watch them closely. They were quite a mess after they were done though. Sadly I did not even like a single thing I had chosen and ended up buying Matt some things instead.

They only had one little meltdown in that dressing room and enjoyed the rest of their stroll. They took their afternoon nap in Belk. I took the opportunity to buy some cheap sunglasses. :) We made our way back to the house before their next meal and they were in such good moods!

After Daddy got home, just before their baths, they were playing on their blanket together and their interaction was cracking me up! Leah eats Hannah's feet, Hannah sucks on Leah's head, Leah chews on Hannah's arm, Hannah grabs Leah's mouth... its definitely funny to watch! And Leah just gets so excited about being so close to Hannah she an hardly contain herself! I enjoy my days with my girls when I dont have to do much except spend time with them.

These pictures show how they eat each other or tangle themselves up together where you can hardly tell whose limb is whose! What fun!

Hannah smiling, Leah taking a bite out of Hannah's arm

Leah laughing, WHAT A FACE!

Sisters foot is good!!!

yummy foot!