Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our trip to Cold Stone

Friday was an interesting day. Unfortunately I was not here for most of it. Matt's mom (Grammy) was our childcare and spent the entire day with them. Of course tornado sirens were going off all day long, and I did not even know weather was bad at all until I was out of surgery. Grammy had been transferring babies between floors all day, hanging out with them downstairs on a blanket as the storms passed through.

By the time I got home the weather was better for the most part. We all decided to go eat at Habaneros. We met Wendy there (a good friend of mine from middle school) and the girls did great. By the time we left it was 7:30 but my little troopers were still all smiles. Normally we give baths at this time but we figured they would be ok to stay out a little longer. Wendy had a gift certificate to cold stone she wanted to use, so we walked next door for some ice cream.

Leah started getting fussy the second we got there so I took her out of the carseat she had been so peaceful in. Hannah started a minute later, so Matt held her. I started to smell something not so nice, so I took Leah to the bathroom for her diaper change - which I had hoped we would make it home without having to worry about it. It was seriously awful, and it was all over her pants and shirt. I probably used 30 wipes and she got an entire outfit change. Matt was laughing at me as I returned and saw her in another outfit. Matt was next. Hannah was soaked and she needed to be changed as well. Matt took her and Hannah also came back in a new outfit. Apparently he had gotten her completely cleaned and she decides to be "exorcism baby" and throws up everywhere. He was in there, baby in hand, trying to clean up the floor with a wipe. Never a dull moment.

They were very tired when we got home and went to bed very easily. Life with two infants! :)