Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I have learned about the girls

People always ask me how the girls are doing, what they are able to do ect. So as I sit here at work waiting to start my case I thought I would give a little summary of each of them and their.. accomplishments?

Hannah is a mommy's girl. She is so sweet when we take a nap together, because she will wake up and look at me and get this big smile like "Hi Mommy!! I am so glad you are here!" She loves her jumperoo but sometimes falls asleep in it, which cracks me up. Ill put some pictures of it when I get them off my phone, but matt has to show me how to do that. I think her favorite thing in the world is bathtime. She could be in a rotton mood and the second I put her in the bath she is estatic, especially if I get in there with her so she can "swim". She will kick and splash and try to lean her head all the way back to catch a glimpse of the shiny faucet. That faucet is amazing. She has started to drool a lot and has discovered her ears are attached to her head (I mistakenly thought she was getting an ear infection but luckily I was wrong). She has to sleep on her side at night. If she rolls over she wakes up. She sleeps from about 9ish to about 7:30am and I hope that this stays the norm because it is wonderful. She has this shriek that she does now - well.. more like a squeal but it is not out of pleasure. It sounds like a little piglet and actually hurts your ears but it normally means she is tired. When she is tired she will let you know, and all she wants is to be cradled like a baby and given a pacifier. She may fight it a little but normally she falls right to sleep. She is also a hand sucker. I think she would fit her whole arm in her mouth if she could. Most of the time it just makes her gag. She loves it when I (or anyone) talks to her. She starts talking back and it really is as if you are having a complete conversation about her day. She is doing well with tummy time, but she wants to crawl so bad she can only handle it for about 5 minutes and I have to be down there with her. She gets those legs going but just cant quite coordinate the arms enough so she gets so frustrated and gives up. Another month and we will see. She also likes to stand (with assistance of course). Thats probably why she likes her jumperoo. She eats quite a lot and she and her sister both are on a 3 hour schedule during the day (you can set your watch to it). But thats fine since she is sleeping all night! I am going to be such a pushover when it comes to those big eyes. She looks up at you so inquisitively that you just melt. She is starting to smile and laugh a lot more now - she definitely makes you work for it sometimes but she will get going when you talk to her! She is no longer in 3 month clothes - sadly. She can fit into a lot of 6 month things already... but given her weight I can see why! Shes one of my angels!

Leah is completely different. She is still a pretty content baby most of the time. When she isnt, she will let you know with the biggest lip curl imaginable. She gets these big crocodile tears and will cry endlessly unless you cradle her (or give her the bottle). She is also a good sleeper and sleeps from 8:30ish until 7:30. But she likes to turn in her crib and I have had to go in there many nights to move her back to the middle where her head/legs/butt is no longer up next to the crib slats. She doesnt like that. But she normally goes right back to sleep. She has this pitiful little cry and the sweetest little coos. She is very... soft spoken if that can be true for a baby. But when it gets serious, it is VERY serious. She enjoys the bath but she definitely doesnt like water in her face at all. We discovered this one night when I accidentally poured water on her face and she screamed for 20 minutes until she was dressed and had the bottle in her mouth. She loves her playmat and the swing. She has turned over a few times from her belly to back but it scared her when she did it. She is kind of a scaredy cat. Loud noises, something getting caught in the vacuum, daddy sneezing, etc. can set her whimpering. Her eyes get real big and its just sad. She is a little less inclined to try to crawl. She likes to hold her head up a bit but I think she just doesnt like change and is happy with us holding her. She is a daddys girl and loves to snuggle up to him. She will look at you with those big blue eyes and give you the biggest grin imaginable. Sometimes she doesnt know whether she is happy or sad and will be smiling and crying at the same time. She loves the tv too. She is kind of addicted. If we turn it to the baby channel she will sit there and laugh and laugh. Unfortunately if you are feeding her with the tv on (even if its behind her) she will strain her neck to try to look backwards at it. She has gotten to be a curious little girl. When she takes her bottle she cannot keep her head still. She is just so excited about the walls, ceiling, or anything else. She likes to hold the bottle and push it away too, but then gets really mad that it is no longer in her mouth. She is ticklish on her feet, especially the top. She wants nothing to do with being spoon fed. She loves naptime with mommy, and would sleep on me for 10 hours if she could I think. She is not that interested in her pacifier- She just likes her hands way better. She is such a sweet little girl.

I am sure I could go on forever, but thats the update on the girls in a stream of consciousness kind of way. In short I really have two very good babies and feel so lucky and so blessed every time I look at their beautiful faces. And they are different as night and day not just in the way they look but in their personalities.