Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its hard being a baby

When I went into the girls' room this morning after hearing them on the monitor for a while I was surprised to see both of them lying quietly in bed staring up at me. Both were wide awake and actually happy! Leah tends to freak out after I get her out of the crib and change her so I started with Hannah. She was just smiling at me while I changed her into her clean diaper and clothes for the day. What a wonderful thing to get up to. No matter how tired I am, or how early it is, those girls always bring a smile to my face when they greet me with that big grin. I put Hannah back in her crib and she decided to roll over on her belly from her back! First time I witnessed this event. Then I got Leah up. Leah is either hit or miss in the morning. She will either be laughing or screaming. But this morning I got her in a good mood and she was grinning ear to ear. She laughed at me as she got her new diaper. Then she must have realized she was hungry and I was taking too long. So I got a little lip curl. But, she still thought I was very funny, so I got a laugh. Then a cry again. It was a very confusing moment for Little Leah. Was she happy or sad? Should she smile or frown? Emotions are tough! Unfortunately in the end her hunger won out and I got full blown screaming until the bottle went to her mouth. But I think its so cute when they arent sure what they want.