Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crushing Dandy

Note: Dandy is the name of my grandfather (on my dad's side), so we are working on it for my dad.

The other night my parents came over to give us a little Valentines Day present, Leah was swinging so dad got down on the floor and was just talking baby with her. As of late though Leah has a little bit of stranger anxiety from time to time, especially if you startle her. So when dad leaned down, she broke out into histarics...crying that went on and on, so much even her mom and I could not console her till about 15 minutes later.

I felt so sorry for Dad, he looked crushed, it was absolutely horrible...almost looked defeated and depressed :(.

Well there is a happy ending to the story, later that week, my parents came over and babysat for us, and sure 'nough Leah was back to smiling and giggling for Dandy.

I just thought it was a story worth telling, since the girls grandparents love them soo much.