Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update: Tuesday - the night before "Labor Day"

I have to say that it was very strange to go in to the doctor on Tuesday knowing that I would have my babies the next day. I guess I always imagined the typical movie scene where I would wake in the middle of the night, tap Matt on the shoulder and say "Honey, it's time". But that was not the case.
After we went to the hospital on Sunday night because my blood pressure went to 160/105 and being sent home because I was "positional" (my pressure dropped when I layed on my left side), I didnt really know what was going to happen. Dr Ross had said he was going to induce me on Monday, but I didnt hear from him til about 7pm Monday night. He had about 7 deliveries that day. So he told me that my 24 hour urine was 292, the magic number being 300. But since it was not a full 2 hour specimen he told me to come in Tuesday so that he could check me and then I would be there for an early induction Wednesday morning.
So, Laura took me to the hospital on Tuesday. It was odd knowing that was the last time I would be going there and still be pregnant.
When he checked me I was still only 1cm dilated and about 75% effaced. Dr. Ross told me I could take my terbutaline pump out when I got to the Labor and Delivery room and he would be in early the next morning and I would have my babies!
So I took the pump out around 4pm and by 6 I was having a contraction every 5 minutes or so. I was not in pain so much, but I could tell I was having them! I was seriously a poster child for that pump. Dr. Ross came in about 7 and said that Dr Adcock was on call and was mad at him for letting me discontinue the pump, since he was sure he would be coming in later that night for a delivery! Dr. Ross gave me strict orders not to have the girls til the next day or he would be in trouble with Dr. Adcock! (Ill try???) He wrote an order for more terbutaline in case I needed it (I did). But luckily I made it through the night.
It was actually a nice night. Matt and I watched House and he went and got Brio and brought it to the room. (I had wanted to have a last date night before we had the girls, but I got put on bedrest and squashed that idea) I took my shower and went to bed ready for the next day! (As ready as I would ever be!)