Tuesday, October 2, 2007

T-1 Day and Counting

So we had an interesting weekend. First off, our Auburn Tigers decided to play football and beat the #4 Florida Gators...WAR EAGLE. Then Sunday came...our favorite day. Allyson started to feel pretty rough and her blood pressure spiked. We had been kinda waiting all weekend for the results of her test, but they went ahead and brought us in. After monitoring and based on the information the on call doctor had he sent us home. We thought this a little weird since her lab results were borderline and it was not a full 24 hours.

After talking with Dr. Ross, he confirmed our suspicion that if she would have had a 24 hour sample she would be over the limit, so here we are.

Sitting in the Labor and Delivery room waiting for tomorrow to come. They will start everything about 6:30 in the morning, and according to the doctor the girls should grace us with their presence mid to late afternoon. If you are interested, read the blog or visit my twitter feed here. Hopefully I will have time to post images to our flickr account as well.