Thursday, October 25, 2007

Labor Day - Oct. 3rd 2007

I will try to recap this day as best as I remember but I am sure Matt may be able to tell about it better (as long as he does not say that I was dilated 9 inches anymore)...

I got up early with the nurses coming in and everything and was able to take another shower - which was very nice since my back really hurt after contracting so much the night before. At some point Dr. Ross came in and the nurses gave me some meds to pick up the contractions some. He broke Hannahs bag of waters (VERY strange feeling, and kinda gross I might add) and the contractions seriously picked up. I immediately went to a contraction every 2 minutes but I never had really bad pain in my belly, just my back. At 3cm, they gave me some Nubane which took the edge off but made me very tired. I think all the family started coming around this time, but I was so sleepy. At 4cm they gave me the epidural. They did such a great job. I could feel my contractions but they didnt hurt and I could even move my legs still - sort of. It was awesome to be in full blown labor and be as comfortable as can be, though still tired.

I think it took a little while to get up to 9 cm. Dr. Ross had an emergency and at 10cm said that I could just hang tight as long as I was ok while he took care of that. Hannah just kept going lower and lower and right when I told the nurse I felt like I needed to start pushing, Dr. Ross sent word out for me to start pushing - perfect timing.

So I started pushing to get little Hannah out. I started in the labor and delivery room for a couple pushes and they put the mirror up so I could see Hannahs head (again, very weird). When she crowned it was time to travel to the OR. I guess the time that I had to lay on my back and the issues I had had with my blood pressure I got very nauseated. And I had epidural shakes REALLY bad. I got on the OR bed and immediately got sick, but then I felt better and was able to start pushing again.

I love how OBGYNs and nurses become a little cheering squad when you are in labor. It went something like this:
Ok, PUSH! 1, 2, 3 You are doing great! 4, 5, 6, 7 Keep going, 8, 9, 10, and breathe.... Ok 1, 2, Thats the best one so far! 3, 4, 5... etc. From my perspective I could not even tell I was pushing. I could feel the contraction but I just thought I was scrunching up my face. no matter what, the cheering continued.

At one point, as I am out there for the world to see, some man I had never met came in to talk to Dr. Ross. So he went right on down there for a little chat as I was in the middle of some pushes. Dr Ross just kept his hand doing whatever he needed to do, and kept counting, all the while talking to this dude. No modesty!!!!

So Hannah was delivered successfully. She was a little distressed but did well. They did not show her to me (again the movies failed me) but took her straight to the table. I did not yet hear her cry but Dr. Ross said not to worry anything about Hannah, that she was fine and I needed to focus on getting Leah out. So he broke Leahs bag (and dont think I am not straining to hear Hannah cry, which I finally heard and felt much better.

I felt Leah's birth. Hannah didnt hurt too bad. Leah.... well.... wow. Dr. Ross had to reach up in me literally and grab her. At one point I asked if he was up to his elbow in there and the nurse replied that I did not want to know that. He said he had the feet and I then felt the feet, legs, butt, and chest come out, like a pop, pop, pop. Then I felt him struggling but I didnt know what was going on. Finally Leah was born, 5 minutes after her sister. The rest of my time in the OR was a blur. I know they eventually showed me Hannah and I was very surprised that she was so wide eyed. And when they took Leah, they almost forgot to show her to me, but I got to see her briefly as well. Then Matt was taken to the NICU and Dr. Ross delivered the placentas (oh my gosh they were huge) and sewed me up where i evidently had torn (glad I didnt feel that). At some point he told me that he thought Leahs arm or clavicle was broken but that she would be just fine and it heels quickly. They wheeled me back to the L&D room and I guess I was there for about an hour before going to postpartum.
Hannah was in well baby and Leah was in the Nicu for her arm. That was really tough. But I was finally able to hold my Hannah and see my family who had been there for about 8 hours that day. I then went to the Nicu and saw Leah but could not hold her because her arm had not been set.

We kept Hannah in our room that night, and she did very well. It was a wonderful moment to be able to hold her and feed her, a feeling only new mothers can know. It was sad though because I could not hold and feed Leah and I almost felt like I was showing favoritism, but I know that was postpartum stuff talking.

I have to say that after that long day and after all the issues I had at the end of the pregnancy, the second it was over and the babies were born, I joined that old cliche and said I would do it all over again. That it wasnt that bad. (Matt may not join in my enthusiasm, having listened to me complain for the last 2 months). But, on top of that, I dont want another baby right now! haha