Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coming up for air.

Ok...I get it! Based on all the im's and emails from the 5 people that read the blog, yall actually care that I am not updating it :). I know it has been three weeks to the day that the last you heard was basically they were born.

Well, I am coming up for air and actually posting to the blog. There are plenty of stories to tell, and I hope to have a night that I can post all the stories, but this will be a brief overview on everything.

Overall I cannot begin to explain in a paragraph the day, but overwhelming might be the best word. It was a tough roller coaster of emotion going from the delivery to the NICU in a matter of 30 minutes. You are given few answers, yet your mind is asking a million questions. But in the end things could have been worse---but of course things could have gone better.

We have not heard this directly from the doctors mouth, but based on his actions and the words he used in the O.R., Leah became distressed, and bottom line he made a choice that he had to deliver her (me and Allyson are totally at peace with this decision), and this lead to her breaking her arm. It was a very tough thing to deal with for new prepare for a lot of things based on the books with a twin birth...but broken arm was never in the play book. Either way Leah is doing great, she got her cast off yesterday. Her arm is still broken, but has healed enough for her cast to be removed. She has pretty good movement and overall seems in pretty good spirits about it.

The first few days home were crazy, after all we never got to keep both while in the hospital, so first night home was first night with both. Every noise made that night was checked on, that is when you realize you are in over your head. It was overwhelming emotionally and physically for the first few days, but after a week we actually made our way downstairs.

Unfortunately, I got sick about that time, which shoved Allyson into being a parent to both. This was the point I think she realized she could do it and everything will be OK. Unfortunately, I do not have that same confidence yet. After that i returned to work and we are starting to roll into getting some sort of normalcy back in our life. Allyson has had her hair done, gone to the store, we have watched football games, and we even went to target for 10 minutes...hey we are not going to push it.

We owe a lot of people thanks, for gifts, time, money...but I have to especially thank my sister Laura. Without her, this would have been 400% harder, she has gone way beyond being an aunt.

So things are going, we are getting better at things....I can change a diaper in like 2 minutes...pretty impressive, since it took 10 the first time :). Allyson can feed both at the same time (bottle and breast). So hey we can do this parenting thing...we hope :). Like I said I will try to be better about posting, especially some of the funny stories we have had, but figured I would give a quick update. Lastly if you are wondering how big they are...well Hannah is 6lbs 12oz and Leah is 6lbs 3oz.

Check out the pictures on our flickr account, they really are cute if I don't say so myself. I hope to get some video up pretty soon.

Thanks for all of your prayers for our family and Leah's arm, and please be praying for my Bro, he will be participating in the Iron Man next week. Pray for his health, strength and perseverance.

Kody and his girls.
Leah, Hannah and Kody "The Protector"

Hannah Sleeping Peacefully