Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Putting together nursery furniture...

Well, it has been a while, been kinda crazy the past few weeks. Hannah and Leah got to go to the beach for a week and they even were able to get some sun, but waiting for us when we got back was the baby furniture. Actually we are still waiting on the special order glider, but everything else came in.

Hannah and Leah Getting Some Sun

Thanks to my awesome neighbor Chad, we got it delivered and he helped me get it out of the truck and into the house, each piece averages 100 pounds except for the cribs. Allyson had to work late the night it came in, so I got into SUPER HUSBAND/DAD mode, I will just put the cribs together before she gets home, winning me some points. Well it is a good thing no one was around because putting together a crib without help I am sure was a funny thing to watch.

Step 1: Hold cross piece with hands, balance side pieces between legs and with chin (That part was not explained in the instructions).

After struggling with one crib for over an hour, my SUPER HUSBAND/DAD powers had run out (along with my patience), but hey I got one together and that was plenty to make Allyson happy. The next day the process was pretty much repeated, with some help from Allyson. I must say it makes it a little more real when you see those two cribs side by side.

Two Cribs


There is a changing table, but I have not taken a photo since we got the drawer fixed on it.

The pink and white are really a lot for a guy to take in, but as every day passes I get more and more excited about seeing our two little girls, but as you can see they are not even born and I am doing things I would never do voluntarily.