Monday, July 9, 2007

Kody's Gift

Even though this blog is supposed to be about the girls, I have to write about my four legged son for a moment, since perhaps this is preparing me to be a mom.

Last night while I was taking a shower, Matt let the dogs out and came in the bathroom to take out his contacts. Busily washing my hair, I was oblivious to the scene that was playing out in the bathroom until I hear a bunch of yelling from Matt. All I could see through the fogged glass was my wonderful husband shoe-ing the dogs out of the room. And then I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, laying in the bathroom tile was a brown blob... that moved. A RABBIT! Kody brought us a present! It made its way into the closet and hid under some clothes. The whole time I am yelling at Matt, "IS IT ALIVE???? IS IT SUFFERING??? I DONT WANT TO SEE IT!!! ... Do you need help??? " (Like I was going to be much good seeing an innocent creature who my beloved dog decided to bring in to us.) So for some reason, Matt did say he would need my help (HAHA) so I hurried and got out of the shower. I refused to look at the little bunny. "Is it dead yet?" I kept asking. "ALMOST!" Matt would say. I got a laundry basket and put a towel in the bottom and gave Matthew another towel to pick up the rabbit when it did in fact die (probably out of shock from all the screaming - bet Kody had little to do with this murderous act). So Matt watched Little Rabbit take its last breath and scooped him into the basket. I am an emotional pregnant woman. Probably a good thing Matt took care of all this. Little Rabbit was then taken out into the woods and that was that. Kody was the proudest thing you would ever see. I yelled at him, but he did not understand why. He thought he did something good! Like "I normally catch birds, Mama, didn't I do a good job this time???". It was time for bed after that, but Abby, our beagle was on the hunt all through the bathroom and bedroom for the next 2 hours, determined it may still be in the house.
I am thankful Matt had been there, because if I had been alone I don't know what I would have done. I would have knocked on every neighbors door but I would not have looked at that rabbit. Unfortunately I would have needed the exact play by play Matt had given me on his status and well being. That could have gotten annoying. Also, it makes me glad I am having girls since hopefully they will not bring lizards or snakes or any other creatures into this house. Kody does a good enough job at that. All in all, fun night!!!