Sunday, July 22, 2007

The funny looks...

Once again, another story that is not directly associated with the twins, but sort of. This weekend our niece, Avry, was visiting us so we went to the pool where she got to hang out with our friends daughter Abby who is just a year younger.

After the typical hour of shyness, they warmed up to each other and were good friends. With this new friendship they wanted to go to the dinner and a movie together that we had planned on taking Avry to that night. Well that is cool, give Wendy and Scott a night off, and we get to be parents for a night. So we go out with a nine year old and an eight year old, and Allyson is pregnant.

We finally all sit down for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, the girls had stepped away to the ladies room, when the guy at the table next to me gets up to leave, and says..."If you dont mind me asking how old are your daughters, because I was trying to figure it out because mine look the same age and I know how old I am." I acted quickly to explain who they were and he laughed and congratulated me on being a father soon. Thinking back though, it took some guts to ask me that if they really were my daughters, i really am not sure what I would have thought if they were.

The funny part was that was not the last comment made. We were walking out of the restaurant, Allyson leading, the girls, and then myself pulling up the rear. As we walked out a younger couple was sitting there, where the girl looked at us and audibly said "WOW" as we walked by. You know it is funny I would just give a person the benefit of the doubt that they are baby sitting or whatever first, and not just assume they were a bunch of crazy teenagers that got pregnant. PLUS it is like I told Allyson, if we did for some reason have two kids at 16 and 17 and are pregnant again and eating at Cheesecake Factory, I would say we did pretty good :).

So while it was a fun night, the funny looks made me laugh the most.

PS..To all guys, do not get duped into seeing Hairspray.