Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleep training Noah

I've avoided doing this til now because ... Well I'm basically weak and totally whipped by my little 9 month old man. I don't know if its because I know he's my last, or because I look at the girls and how grown up they've gotten and I just want to cherish every moment with this baby while he's still a baby, but I hate it when he cries. So I try to avoid it at all costs.

We have had a few nights when I could not get him to go to sleep and he's cried. And then proceeded to bang his head on the crib slats and hurt himself, or later pull himself up and not know how to get down. And we have let him cry for over an hour. He never showed a sign of stopping.

I let the girls cry it out at 7 months. It was awful but I was working full time and we had to get some sleep. I'm not working now so I haven't minded going to him at night, or him sleeping in our bed if he woke up in the wee hours.

Lately though he's been waking up more often and earlier. So I have resolved to not let him sleep In our bed (I loathe the chair in his room so normally I'd just bring him back to the comfy bed, nurse him or rock him until he fell asleep with all intention of putting him back in his crib... But then it's 3am and he's already asleep and happy laying next to me so it's easier to just go to sleep too!).

Ill still go to him if he wakes and try to get him back down (in the crib) but if I spend too much time or nothing I'm doing is working he is going to have to cry.

Night 1 was last night. He went down easily at 8 but wAs so tired he barely ate. He woke up at 930. I nursed him for 10 min and he went back down.
Then he woke up at 1030.

I went in and tried for a while to get him to go to sleep. I failed so I let him cry. He was strong for a while but finally dozed. Standing up. I had to go in and lay him down right. I got in bed at 1 and he slept til 7. Ill take it.

This is not easy to listen to for a while

and this is just pitiful

Not easy but hopefully worth it!!

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