Friday, January 18, 2013

January Snow Day

Once the pool closed in September and the air turned crisp, the girls have been waiting for the snow.  I do not know where they get the idea that every winter it will snow, since I don't remember any snow at all last year, and we do live in Alabama but I have been hearing about it.  They have been adamant that it does in fact snow in  the winter, and they wanted to know why it had not come yet.

So on this mid January day when we got maybe 1/2 inch in the grass they were very excited.  

It was the big fat kind of snow flakes that soaked upon contact, but it made the girls happy and it was pretty to see it fall.  We do not have winter gear so they were soaked after 5 minutes outside, but they ran around in it, ate some snowflakes, and got some good outside time.  


Snow day 2013

Snow day 2013

Then they came inside and took a hot bath and enjoyed watching it from the warmth.  

I was just as excited to see the sun a few hours later as I had been to see the snow.  After 2 weeks of rain I think that's reasonable.  

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