Friday, November 30, 2012

Big moment for Hannah!

After Abby died, we needed a mood lifter! Hannah had been tentatively wanting to get her ears pierced for about a year.  She finally was determined to with no hesitation.  So off we went to Claire's.  Both girls picked out earrings, but Leah wanted to wait and let Hannah be the guinnea pig.

Hannah jumped right up in that chair and was ready!  (random bear was sitting in the chair first)
Hopped up in the chair and is ready to go
She didn't flinch when they cleaned her ears, or marked them.
Cleaning the other side
getting them cleaned...
She knew what was coming.  and 1...2...3!  
The moment before she freaked briefly
It was done.  She had about a second delay and her face twisted in pain and shock.  A lone tear streaked down her cheek.  10 seconds passed and she straightened herself up and looked in the mirror and smiled.  She said the BOOM scared her but it didnt really hurt.
Happy girl

Those 10 seconds was all Leah needed to decide she did not want to get her ears pierced yet.  Fine with me.  Hannah was so excited she had to call everyone.  She still tells everyone she sees a month later.  She has taken good care of them and is waiting patiently to be able to switch them out,

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