Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Abby

On 11/28/12 We lost our sweet dog, Abby.  She was 11 years old and was the dog Matt and I got in college.  Our first baby.
We switched her food to senior food about a week, which made her sick.  She always had a sensitive stomach so we did what the vet told and gave her chicken and yogurt and rice.  She would eat it and then get sick again.  The vet eventually told us to try to not give her food and give her pepcid.

When I could not get the pepcid down her because she refused to eat anything (even her favorite chicken) I took her in for some tests.  Honestly we thought something may be wrong but we thought it would be fixable.

She spent the night at the vet and the next morning she called us and told us she was in renal failure.  It had reached the end point and she probably would never want to eat again.  I was devastated.  We made the decision to put her to sleep which was so hard to do.

Leah had an allergy appointment that day and the second we got doe we rushed to the vet for some quality time with Abby.  The girls knew she was going to Heaven because she was so sick.  They were strong, and excited about her getting to meet Jesus.  We just sat with Abby and loved on her until Matt came from work. It was obvious she was tired and didnt feel good.

My Abby was sick and we had to put her down.  The girls said their very tearful goodbyes and my Dad and sisters fiancee took them to McDonalds next door.  Matt and I said our goodbyes and she drifted peacefully to sleep.  It was a difficult day.

When we went to get the girls I put on my happy face and excitedly exclaimed that Abby went to Heaven.  They had a moment of sadness but then asked me if I saw Jesus.  I love their innocence and their love for our Father.  I don't know if our pets will be in Heaven.  I know they are not saved.  But I like to believe that we have who we love in Heaven and that would include our pets.

Goodbye sweet Abby girl.  We will miss you.
10/12/01- 11/28/12

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