Monday, November 19, 2012

Hannah "reading" to her brother

Sometimes it absolutely drives me crazy how I can lay Noah down safely playing where I can see him, and the next minute Hannah is walking around with him because he made a whimper.  Sometimes I get so annoyed that she asks me if she can hold him every second of the day, and if I say she cant at the moment she throws a fit.  And then sometimes she asks to read to him and the adoration this little baby shows his sister is clear and apparent.  She is such a great big sister, and I love these moments.  

Hannah reading to her brother


And not to discount my Little Leah.  She is equally loving and attentive... she just doesnt have the confidence to hold him or the obsession to do so that her sister has.  Thankfully she is content playing with him on the floor.  

I do not believe Noah will learn to crawl because Hannah picks him up whenever Noah is on the floor... 

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