Sunday, September 16, 2012

A visit to the lake

We are very void of lake house owning friends.  This is sad to me because I do love all boat related activities, though I hate swimming in the lake.  It creeps me out.  My children however, do not have this fear.  They are totally fine with not seeing underneath them.  I even make them wear their puddle jumpers because honestly, I don't love the idea of them going under where I cannot see.  Im a pool or crystal clear ocean kinda girl.

Their "Aunt" Lesley and "Uncle" Nate (the uncle and aunt of no relation but because Lesley and I grew up together, they will always be an aunt and uncle) live in NY... sadly.  But luckily for me his parents live about 45 minutes away so when they are in town we get to go play at the lake.  The girls love this part.  I just love seeing my friends.  Unless we get o the boat, or water ski or whatever.  Middle of the lake feels better to me.  Makes no sense, I know.

So when they came in town we took advantage of it and went for a visit.  And she got to meet Noah.  I wish I had gotten more pictures and Im not sure why I didn't.  Maybe because of the whole lake fear I have, I was constantly watching the girls more than I normally have to in water.  It was a very nice visit though and I miss my friends so much.

Leah convinced me to let her take off her "duck" and dive off the diving board.  (Panic hit me every time she went deeper than my view even though I know she is a great swimmer.)  Lakes.  ugh.


Hannah was a bit more timid on the diving board... so she just allowed Nate to throw her in.


some diving board posing... because it is Leah
(stuck the landing?)
(And a preview to how much trouble we will have with her during the teenage years?)
Note: I hate this hand me down bathing suit - so of course it is the only one she wants to wear now.  ever.

Uncle Nate, Sophia, Hannah, and Leah

Sorry Les, Sophia refused to look at the camera, no matter how much Leah tried to force her head up. :)

I miss my friends.  Come back soon!!!

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